About the Campaign

The Clean Lighting Coalition (CLiC) is a global partnership to capture the health and environmental benefits of transitioning to energy-efficient, mercury-free LED lighting and eliminating mercury-based lighting under the Minamata Convention

Let’s End Toxic Lighting Together

Around the world, people unknowingly interact with dangerous lights every day. Certain types of light bulbs, present in our homes, offices, schools, and community buildings, contain mercury. Mercury is a chemical and neurotoxin, and can be released when a fluorescent bulb breaks, and through the manufacturing and disposal processes. The World Health Organization classifies mercury as the top-ten most dangerous chemical because it is highly toxic to humans –particularly developing children and pregnant people –and is a significant threat to environmental and ecosystem health.

The Clean Lighting Coalition (CliC) aims to leverage expert knowledge and clean lighting stakeholders to transition global markets to safe, cost-effective, and energy-saving LED lighting by removing the exemption for fluorescents in the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

It is coordinated by CLASP and supported by Climate Imperative and Sequoia Climate Fund.

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