Industry Partners

Transitioning to clean, energy-efficient lighting is a unique opportunity to accelerate market share of energy-efficient LED products.

A global transition to LEDs can mitigate rising energy demand and accelerate the growth of the LED market share 

Thanks to major advances in light-emitting diode (LED) technology over the past decade, LED lights are a cost-effective, safe alternative that can replace fluorescents in virtually all applications.  Our Coalition is bringing together LED manufacturers, distributors, associations and other key stakeholders to prove market readiness for the global transition to clean, cost-effective LED lighting. Our members are providing a strong market push needed to drive the LED transition. 

Grow LED Market Share 

The market size of LEDs was valued at $50.9 billion USD in 2020 and is estimated to grow by 12% in 2021 under a business-as-usual scenario. By supporting the movement to phase-out fluorescents through the Minamata Convention, the LED industry has the opportunity to significantly accelerate its growth and penetrate markets currently dominated by fluorescents. Supporting the transition to LED lighting ensures that people and businesses around the world can access energy-efficient, safe technologies.

Become an Industry Partner

CLiC membership is free. Joining CLiC requires signing of the CLiC Industry Pledge, a non-binding gesture of support of the global clean lighting transition.

There are no further obligations to membership. Members are however encouraged to communicate about their partnership with CLiC through both internal and external channels and to spread the word to other businesses and stakeholders. The time to act and protect consumers and the environment is NOW.

Sign the Industry Pledge

Demonstrate Leadership

CLiC industry members are leading the global business momentum towards the LED transition and achievement of universal access to clean lighting. Your signature of the Industry Pledge demonstrates to governments worldwide the ability of the LED industry to meet increased consumer demand for clean lighting and signal that exemptions for outdated fluorescents are no longer necessary.

Take Real Action on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

As wealthy countries and developed economies like Europe and North America lead the transition to LEDs, the rest of the world must not be treated as a dumping ground for outdated, mercury-laden fluorescents.  In unregulated markets particularly in emerging economies, fluorescent lamps are still one of the market leaders. Without intervention, a global transition to clean super-efficient LED lighting may take years due to lobbying efforts of fluorescent lamp suppliers. “Walk the talk” and signal your company’s commitment to equity. 

Generate Impact

CLiC advocates & industry partners will generate impact by contributing to the implementation of clean lighting across the world. 

Phasing out linear fluorescents by 2025 will eliminate 198 tonnes of mercury pollution, save US $1.34 trillion in energy cost savings, remove 3.3 GT of CO2 from the atmosphere, and save 9,602 TWh of energy consumption. (Cumulatively between 2025-2050)

Reap the Benefits

CLiC industry partners invest in brighter futures and generate reputational benefits by re-affirming their company’s green commitment. 

The technological advancements in LED lighting over the past decade have far surpassed even the most advanced mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs. With the proposed amendment to the Minamata Convention and implementation of national-level regulations to phase-out fluorescent lighting by 2025, countries can accelerate the transition to LED lighting technology to benefit people and the planet. Professor Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize for Physics (2014), Inventor of Blue Light LED