Over the last 5 years, LEDs have become widely available and affordable in markets around the globe. These clean, cost-effective products are gradually replacing toxic mercury-lighting to safeguard public health, save energy, and protect the environment. 


Mercury-free LED lights are safer for families, particularly developing children and fetuses. Exposure to mercury through a shattered fluorescent bulb or improper disposal can have long-term negative health impacts.

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Switching from fluorescent lighting to LEDs is cost-effective. In many markets, making the switch pays for itself in six months or less, with slightly higher upfront costs for LED bulbs offset by the energy bill savings from using about half as much electricity.

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Transitioning to LED lighting would avoid CO2 emissions equivalent to getting ALL passenger cars (globally) off the road for a whole year.

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Compared to fluorescent lighting technologies, retrofit mercury-free LEDs are easy to install into existing fixtures and offer better quality light.

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There is no economic or technical justification to keep fluorescent tubes on the market. It is worrying that going into 2020 we are still considering exemptions for these products. It is a clear case of a few companies putting profits over public and environmental health. Jean-Pierre Schweitzer, Product Policy Expert, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)