High-quality mercury-free LED retrofit bulbs are available in lighting markets around the world today.

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Higher-Quality Lighting

A decade ago, mercury-based fluorescent lights were viewed as an energy-efficient alternative to less-efficient incandescent and halogen lights, and risks associated with mercury in each bulb were tolerated as a necessary trade-off for the efficiency benefits. Today, thanks to major advances in light-emitting diode (LED) technology, LED lights are a cost-effective, safe alternative that can replace fluorescents in virtually all applications.

One of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is the opportunity for a higher quality lighting experience for people and businesses. LEDs immediately reach full brightness when switched on, rather than delaying and flickering for full minutes. These innovative technologies also come in the same range of color temperature and color rendering indexes as the mercury bulbs they replace. Replace your outdated, toxic bulbs with innovative, clean and costeffective options for a better lighting experience.  

Technological benefits of LEDs

The technological advancements in LED lighting over the past decade have far surpassed even the most advanced mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs. My work on blue LEDs enabled innovative bright and energy-saving lighting products to reach markets across the globe. Professor Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize for Physics (2014), Inventor of Blue Light LED

Easy Retrofit Solutions

LED retrofit bulbs are available in markets around the world today. LED bulbs can directly replace mercury- bulbs, coming in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, colour temperatures, colour rendering and levels of light output. Industry leaders are promoting LED retrofit lamps because they offer a clean, long-lasting lighting solution. Making the switch to LED is easy: simply change the lightbulb. LED bulbs are a ‘plug and play’ solution – they have been carefully designed to operate in the same fixtures and to produce the same light output as the bulbs they are replacing. This means that in your home or office, you can continue to keep the fixtures that you like and are accustomed to, but you can remove the inefficient bulb containing toxic mercury. LED replacements work straight out of the box, operate in your existing light fixtures, and cut lighting energy bills by 50% or more.