Clean Lighting Coalition Industry Pledge

As CLiC industry partners, we commit our organization to increase access to clean lighting technology to protect consumers and the planet from toxic mercury.

We commit our organization to advocate and support the phaseout of the manufacture, sale, distribution, and/or installation of fluorescent lighting, in line with the movement to phase-out fluorescents through the United Nations’ Minamata Convention on Mercury. We also commit to share accurate, compelling and accessible information on the clean lighting transition through our communications platforms.

We reaffirm that a global transition to clean lighting must be equitable. As wealthy countries lead the lighting transition, the rest of the world must not be treated as a dumping ground for toxic, outdated products like fluorescent bulbs. Consumers in under-served markets must also have access to high-quality, zero-mercury LED lighting.

    This CLiC Pledge is a non-binding gesture of support for the global clean lighting transition.

    A representative from CLiC will reach out to you via email to confirm your information. Once confirmed, your logo will appear on the CLiC website and other related promotional materials.

    Ending Toxic Lighting Together

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