Aileen Mioko Smith Endorses Farewell to Fluorescents Petition

Aileen Mioko Smith, a leading voice of decades of anti-mercury advocacy stemming from the tragedies of Minamata, Japan, has endorsed the #FarewelltoFluorescents Petition. The petition calls on global leaders to protect people & the planet from the harmful effects of mercury at the Minamata Convention on Mercury COP5 by phasing out mercury-laden fluorescent lamps once and for all.

Read her statement:

“The goal of phasing out fluorescent lights as soon as possible is in keeping with the spirit of the Minamata Convention’s efforts to ‘Make Mercury History’. This year, on the Convention’s 10th anniversary, I wholeheartedly endorse this petition and stand with partners at Clean Lighting Coalition, Zero Mercury Working Group, Climate Action Network and others in urging global leaders to protect people and the planet from the harmful effects of mercury. Let’s say farewell to fluorescents!” – Aileen Mioko Smith

Photo Credit: Mitsue Nagase

Join Mioko Smith in signing the petition to say #FarewelltoFluorescents once and for all.

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