CLiC February 2023 Newsletter

CLiC Information Document on Linear Fluorescent Lamps Posted on Minamata Website 

In January, the Minamata Secretariat published an informational document prepared by CLiC which quantifies the benefits of a LFL phase-out discussion ahead of COP5. In the document, CLiC reports that a 2025 linear fluorescent phase out will avoid 198 tonnes of mercury and 3.3 GT of CO2, plus save US $1.34 trillion in electricity bills (all savings cumulative, 2025-2050). Each year of delay phasing out linear fluorescent diminishes these global benefits. Read the document here.  


CLiC Supports Hospitals Converting from Fluorescent Lighting to LED – Capturing the Multi-Faceted Benefits of Mercury-Free Lighting  

CLiC partnered with three hospitals in Nigeria, Brazil and the Philippines to retrofit their facilities with energy-efficient, mercury-free LEDs. The retrofits demonstrated how institutions can easily and cost-effectively transition to cleaner lighting – and start reaping the benefits. The three hospitals cut their annual electricity bills by between USD$1300 and 9300 and avoided enough mercury to protect 5.3 million gallons of water from mercury contamination. Learn about the retrofits. 


Time’s up for fluorescents and other mercury lamps in the Philippines 

Mercury in lighting poses a direct threat to public health – a single broken compact fluorescent lamp contains enough mercury to contaminate 2500 liters of water, making it undrinkable. On top of human and environmental health benefits, a full market transition to LEDs would also cut electricity costs as LED lamps are up to 60% more efficient than fluorescents. In the Philippines, ending the import and sale of fluorescent lamps will save over 70 TWh in electricity consumption and US$12.6 billion in electricity bills by 2050. Read more.  


US States Continue Mercury Lighting Phase-Outs 

In January 2023, several States introduced clean lighting laws that prohibit the sale of fluorescent lighting – both compact fluorescent and linear fluorescent lamps – after a specified date.  These bills follow action taken in 2022 by California and Vermont, and bring citizens of those states cost-effective, mercury-free, energy-efficient lighting. Bills were introduced in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. Several more bills are expected to be introduced in the coming weeks. Learn more.