Accelerating the transition to clean, energy-efficient LED lighting through the Minamata Convention on Mercury.


In May 2021, representatives from the Africa region to the Convention proposed the African Lighting Amendment to phase out the most common fluorescent lighting products by 2025.


Transitioning to clean, energy-efficient LED lighting in Africa is an opportunity to protect both human and environmental health, while simultaneously stimulating economic and industry growth.

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Supporting the transition to clean, energy-efficient LEDs would help the region retain its status as the global leader in the manufacture, assembly, and exporter of lighting products.

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Eliminating all fluorescent lighting bulbs from European markets would significantly reduce toxic mercury pollution, while also lowering carbon emissions equivalent to four coal-fired power plants, and saving consumers and businesses billions of Euros

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Latin America and the Caribbean remains at the forefront of the global movement to keep dangerous mercury products out of homes and businesses.

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