Transitioning to clean, energy-efficient LED lighting in Africa is an opportunity to protect both human and environmental health, while simultaneously stimulating economic and industry growth.

Minamata Convention Ratification Map – Africa

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Sahasra Rwanda, which began manufacturing "Made In Rwanda" LED bulbs in 2016, has transformed the lighting landscape in the country to energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lighting products. By creating jobs, generating exports and giving momentum to locally made and sourced Rwandese products, Sahasra is helping Rwanda become more self-reliant and self-sustaining.

Sahasra products meet a range of lighting needs in the country, lighting up banks, shopping malls, government buildings, warehouses, industries, schools, hospitals and streets. As the pioneer LED manufacturing firm in Rwanda, Sahasra Rwanda has a 2-year instant replacement on all their products, taking the burden of replacement cost from the customers.

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Transitioning to inexpensive, energy-efficient LED retrofit lighting is not only smart, but it is also environmentally friendly and inevitable. We see it here in Ghana and across Africa.  Under the Minamata Convention, the world has a unique opportunity to accelerate this transition to LED by removing exemptions for fluorescent lighting which contain hazardous mercury. Kofi A. Agyarko, Director, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, & Climate Change