Advocate Factsheet

Over the last 5 years, LEDs have become widely available and affordable in markets around the globe. These clean, cost-effective products are gradually replacing toxic mercury-lighting to safeguard public health, save energy, and protect the environment.

As wealthy countries lead the lighting transition, the rest of the world must not become a dumping ground for toxic products. Without intervention, a transition to clean super-efficient lighting may take years due to the lobbying efforts of fluorescent lamp suppliers. Consumers will be left with poor quality, inefficient and unsafe lighting products.

Join the global call to action and signal your organizations commitment to an equitable transition to cleaner, lower-cost lighting.

Accelerating the transition to mercury-free lighting will:

  • Eliminate 232 metric tonnes of mercury pollution from the environment, both from the bulbs themselves and from avoided burning of coal in power plants
  • Avoid 3.5 GT of CO2 emissions cumulatively between 2025-2050
  • Cut global electricity use by approximately 3%

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